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Seriously if we all simultaneously just refused to use tampons/pads and started walking around bleeding from our crotches and make crusty old govt farts uncomfortable I’ll bet period products will be free in like a week

like no put that blood away please just take these fucking cotton things 


so you mean to tell me that guys can get a ton of condoms for free

but i’m still paying like $10 for tampons/pads a month 

even tho i did not sign the terms and conditions for this ‘menstruation’ shit for the next 30 years?

guys dont HAVE to have sex u know

but sure lets make sure they’ve got everything they need

cus i definitely love using the last of my money on shit to make sure i dont BLEED RIVERS ALL OVER THE PLACE AND RUIN ALL MY CLOTHES


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"Bee and PuppyCat" is a very popular original cartoon created by Natasha Allegri. In it, Bee, an out-of-work twenty-something, has a life-changing collision with a mysterious creature she names PuppyCat ("A cat?… or maybe a dog?"). Between space and time, Bee and PuppyCat take on an intergalactic babysitting gig to pay another month’s rent. Now, you can help Bee write a happy ending for PuppyCat’s tale of betrayal, intrigue, and magical sparkle transformations.

Amassing 4 million views since its July release, the original 10-minute cartoon stands as a favorite among animation fans the world over (watch it again, why don’t you http://youtu.be/lOG_UtLxh58 ). Now, overwhelmed with your emails and comments asking for more adventures of Bee and PuppyCat, we want to produce a Bee and PuppyCat series exclusively for our YouTube channel, Cartoon Hangover. But we need your help. (x)

I see a lot of conversations on tumblr about how important it is to support women-writing-women, and one of the things that I thought when I first watched Bee & PuppyCat was how rare it was to see a female protagonist who is a comically laid-back loser-type, and is not only charming and relatable, but has not had her autonomy and agency sacrificed.

"…Bee & PuppyCat is a sort of pure vision of Natasha’s that has been brought right from her pen right to the screen and right to you. That doesn’t really happen in the traditional television network system and we figured that with this kickstarter we can get her vision on the screen right to you much more efficiently. … For years I’ve tried to convince network executives and movie executives that cartoons that center around women created by women, for something more than just little kids, would be a really valuable, wonderful cartoon to have. And they’ve been kind of resistant, so we’re happy that when we’ve put these shorts of Bee and Puppycat up on the air that you have responded like, so greatly. By the way, not just women, but men too. The audience is, like, huge. You know it, all your friends know it. It’s become a cartoon that has really like, seeped into everyone’s consciousness in a really short time. And we’re really excited for the idea to be able to have Natasha bring it to a whole series.”

- Fred Seibert, Executive Producer

Please reblog, signal boost, and spread the word about this kickstarter, and of course donate if you can! The deadline is November 14th, which means that there are only a few days left to reach the target goal. 

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Bee and PuppyCat: The Series

Be sure to help fund Bee and Puppycat!! It’s mathematical!

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